Yoga Weekend

It's hard to imagine a more relaxing short break than a yoga weekend.  Instead of spending your weekend lying around, overeating, or boozing, as many people do, you will be gently exercising your body and your mind.  The result?  You'll return feeling fitter and more refreshed than ever before.

What can you expect to experience on a yoga weekend?  It will vary from one place to another, but almost all yoga weekend programs will combine:

  • Yoga sessions: Two or three sessions per day are typically offered, allowing you to work on weak areas, try new styles, learn new techniques, and reap as much benefit as possible from this wonderful form of exercise
  • Healthy food:  There would be little point in enjoying a program of exercise such as this without complementing it with good food.  Most programs not only provide good food while you are there, but also offer nutritional advice so that you can continue to eat more healthily when you return home
  • Relaxing settings:  This is an activity that not only improves your physical condition, but also relaxes the mind.  You will therefore find yourself in a harmonious, relaxing atmosphere designed to support and complement the sessions
  • Other activities:  You can't do yoga all day long, so other activities will usually be offered, from walks to horse riding.  There may also be the chance to experience complementary therapies like Reiki or massage

For anyone looking to escape the stresses of everyday like, this offers the chance to relax and unwind, benefiting both body and mind.