Weight Loss Retreats

The growing popularity of weight loss retreats reflects both how strong people’s desire is to find a way to lose weight, and also the effectiveness of this method.

Weight loss retreats are a fun and effective way to lose weight, while also relaxing and getting away for a few days.  On a weight loss retreat you should expect to be active – getting moving is one of the most crucial steps to losing weight for most people – but because you will be away from home, outside your normal schedule, you should return not only lighter, but also re-energized.

In addition to exercise, the other key ingredient to effective weight loss is of course diet – on a weight loss retreat you can expect to eat a range of healthy, enjoyable meals, learn what has been contributing to your weight gain, and also what you can do about it.  The information you acquire should be geared to helping you continue to lose weight once you return to your regular schedule.

You’ll therefore be working with qualified, experienced trainers and nutritionists who will help you to develop an eating and exercise program that works for you, and that you can use when you return home.

In addition, you may work with hypnotherapists or counsellors to help you understand and deal with the issues that underlie your weight gain.  Resolving these issues is crucial if you are to maintain the initial weight loss that you will experience while you are away.

You’ll find all different styles of getaways, each designed to cater for different tastes and budgets.  Some are country resorts, where you will be pampered, treated with five star luxury style, and will have a range of other activities – maybe horse riding or golf – to keep you occupied.  Others are more Spartan, more of a boot camp style, where the workouts will be tougher and the food more basic.

Do they work?  It’s almost certain that you will lose a considerable amount of weight while you are away – being away from all the distractions and temptations of daily life provides the perfect way to kick start weight loss.  The big question for most people is whether they can maintain the momentum once they return to their regular life.  But if you want to do something that will break you out of a rut and give you the knowledge and motivation you need, this is a great way to go.