Fitness Retreats

A quick search reveals that there are fitness retreats popping up all over the country, a testament to the popularity and effectiveness of this type of workout.

Fitness retreats are a fantastic way to take a break that not only helps you to get away from everyday life and relax, but also helps you to return feeling stronger and healthier.

How is gettgin stronger and feeling more relaxed possible?  Firstly, fitness retreats get you outside.  That might not sound like much, but research shows that being outside has a whole host of benefits.  These can include:

  • Exposure to natural light - so much healthier than fluorescents
  • Exposure to the sun - helps produce vital Vitamin D
  • Working on uneven ground - improves core stability and peripheral muscles
  • Breathing fresh air - good for your lungs and overall health

Then there are the workouts - not the same stale exercises you've been doing in the gym or in a class for years, but a program designed to strengthen your body, boost your metabolism and reduce your body fat.

In just one week you can expect to experience:

  • Improvements in overall physical well-being
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Increased strength, energy and endurance
  • Loss of body fat and thus inches

You'll also learn about nutrition and exercise, so that when you return to the everyday world, you can put what you've learned into practice, and not slip back into your old, destructive habits.

If you are looking for a program that will get you in the best possible shape as quickly as possible, then it's time to sign up for your next short break or holiday.