Outdoor Fitness Training

The benefits of outdoor fitness training are many, and for many people represent a great way to get out of the rut of the same old workouts.

Outdoor fitness training is growing in popularity, with activities like boot camps bringing more and more people outside to work out.  Boot camps combine the traditional, proven elements of military training with awareness of key areas like core training to produce a tough, fun workout that will get you in shape fast.

Outdoor fitness training has many benefits including:

  • Exposure to natural light - natural light is much healthier than the fluorescent lights many of us stare at all day
  • Exposure to the sun - regular exposure to the sun helps produce Vitamin D, an essential vitamin that supports a healthy immune system
  • Working on uneven ground - improves core stability and peripheral muscles, improving overall fitness
  • Breathing fresh air - good for your lungs and overall health

There are many options for outside exercise - the most obvious is running or walking.  Nothing could be simpler than stepping out the door to run, a pure expression of energy that requires nothing more than some good shoes and comfortable clothes.

Running outside will help you to get to know your local area in a different way, as you discover all the little paths, trails and parks that you normally miss as you whiz by in your car.

Other great alternatives include biking, circuit training in the park, plus of course sports like rugby, football, or tennis.