Outdoor Exercise Equipment

What you consider to be essential outdoor exercise equipment depends on what workout you are doing.  The most essential piece of outdoor exercise equipment is of course a good pair of shoes.

Whether running, walking, or riding a bike, the right pair of shoes will make all the difference.  For runners, the type of shoes you buy will be determined by the type of running you do - if it is mostly trails running, then a pair of off-road shoes will provide more grip and traction on rough, wet ground.

Another consideration when looking at outdoor exercise equipment is clothing.  When you are working out indoors, in the gym or health club, the temperature is constant, year round.  When you venture out, however, you will experience very different conditions at different times of year - that's one of the joys of these workouts!

The answer to different climatic conditions is layering.  Whether it's hot or cold, you'll want a base layer that wicks moisture away from the skin - it will help you to keep cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.  As the weather changes, you can add a waterproof shell for wet days, and warm layers when the temperature drops.

Finally, gear heads will love the little toys like GPS tracking units - these allow you to track your position while you are out, then download the information to your PC when you return, showing you exactly how many miles you covered.