Outdoors Exercise

Do you have any type of outdoors exercise in your schedule?  Many people base all their workouts around the gym or the health club, missing out on the many benefits of outdoors exercise.

Outdoors exercise can include a whole range of activities, from cross-country running to netball, kayaking to rugby, football to mountaineering.  By adding some form of outdoors exercise to your workouts, you can make your training not only more fun, but also more effective.

The benefits of outdoor exercise can include:

  • Increased Variety - Good training must have variety, otherwise the body adapts and you hit a plateau.  Adding in some different workouts will improve the quality of your training
  • Interest - It's more fun outside!  Every day you head out the door is different - the weather is different, the world looks different, you can go a new direction and find somewhere new to work out
  • Quality - When you are training indoors there's not much to look at, and as a result, many people wind up watching TV.  When you spend your workout staring at a TV monitor you pay less attention to your body, and your workout can suffer
  • Health - training outside exposes you to fresh air and sunshine, two vital ingredients to overall health and well-being that can boost your immune system and help you to feel better

One great way to incorporate this type of training into your program is to be guided by the seasons.  In the summer, enjoy sports like tennis or even open water swimming, while in the winter, lace up the shoes for some cross-country running.