Fitness Camp

The concept of a fitness camp is simple - no gym membership, no complex equipment, no fads or fashions, just proven training methods, designed to get you in shape.

When you sign up for a fitness camp you are immediately making a commitment to yourself - rather than simply thinking about going to the gym, you are taking an active decision to make something happen.

And when you attend a fitness camp you will get a proven combination of instruction, nutritional counselling and motivational training.  The activities are designed to be fun and energizing, all working towards the goal of helping you to build a strong, fit body and mind.

A quick search will help you to find one near you, and get you started.  The results are fantastic - most people find that the benefits include:

  • Losing weight - while weight isn't the only measure of health, most people carry excess weight around
  • Losing body fat - a more important indicator of health is body fat - excess body fat is associated with many health problems
  • Increasing strength - this isn't about developing huge muscles, but about functional strength - the strength you need to carry a sleeping child up the stairs, get in and out of the car, or unload the groceries
  • Improved endurance - improved endurance makes it easier to get through a busy day
  • Improved posture - improving your posture not only help you look better, it can also reduce pain in areas like the low back and shoulders
  • Better relaxation - when you are in better shape physically, you are more relaxed, and able to sleep better

For a fun and effective way to get in shape, check out the choices in your area.