Fitness Bootcamp

If you haven't experienced a fitness bootcamp you are missing something special!   One of the fastest growing sectors of the fitness market, this is a concept that delivers fun, and delivers results.

Men and women, young and old, anyone can experience a fitness bootcamp.  Want to find out what it's all about?  Why not try a taster day?  In six hours you'll experience everything from traditional fitness elements, such as running, circuit training, and core work, through to elements of military training such as parade drills, battle drills, team games, obstacle courses, and boxing.

You'll get tired, dirty, sweaty, and you'll also learn a lot about yourself.  At a fitness bootcamp you will not only push yourself physically, you will also push yourself, mentally, learning that you can achieve so much more that you thought possible.

This is a new approach to exercise that is designed to get you out of a rut.  Many people do the same old workouts week after week, year after year, with ever diminishing returns.  The net result is boredom and a total lack of motivation.

This is something different.  You'll try new exercises, push yourself harder than you thought possible, have fun with other people - and want to come back for more!

The combination of challenging workouts that push you mentally is a powerful one, so whether you want to drop a dress size, kick start your fitness, or take on a tough challenge, this is the program for you.